Many manufacturers, especially those who sell “make to stock” (MTS) goods, appoint dealers at many centres, which are geographically distributed, for servicing customers who are very widely distributed. They provide following services on behalf of the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers):

  • Stocking and Selling goods manufactured by OEMs
  • Stocking spare parts; ordering spare parts as required from OEM
  • Servicing the goods sold, on a periodic or break-down basis
  • Rendering miscellaneous services to the clients

In short, the dealers act as a single point contact for the OEM & act as eyes and ears of the OEM so that all the needs of the customers are fulfilled.

IcSoft has developed a dealer network software (called the “Dealer IcSoft“), which is internet ready and acts as interface between the OEMs & Dealers. This ensures that transactions are streamlined and a high level of service is maintained resulting in excellent customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of the software include:

  • Management of Dealers’ Business, covering features related to Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Finance & After Sales Services activities
  • Real time Data exchange between OEM & Dealers, reduce time & errors in transaction
  • Works on ‘Stand Alone’ mode & automatically synchronizes for the transactions specified under Interface, once internet is connected.