Why IcSoft – MES?

  • Improved product margins
  • Lean Manufacturing execution
  • Planning based on TOC / Bottleneck Identification
  • Process Documents / Control Plan / PPAP / FMEA
  • SPC / SQC / Process and Performance Capability
  • Real-time data capture
  • Machine Interface
  • Enforces compliance and reduces errors
  • Improves throughput
  • Increases schedule attainment
  • Enables greater manufacturing responsiveness


Planning based on TOC / Bottleneck Identification

Based on the process document created under the Product Engineering, available machine capacity, WIP, materials and work orders released, the planning engine of IcSoft generates daily load for every machine groups and identifies the bottle-neck.

The visibility of various bottlenecks can then be exploited for better attainment of delivery schedule and customer satisfaction.


Smart manufacturing using IcSoft - MES / Paperless Factory

Why Manufacturing Execution System


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