Paperless Factory provides end to end connectivity for the Smart Factory or Intelligent Manufacturing Environment.  Paperless Factory is a new-age IoT approach to integrate corporate decision-making and manufacturing shop-floor in real-time by connecting machines, work-places and systems, as intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other autonomously. Current shop-floor system generally lacks the flexibility of real time processing and just-in-time order execution.  In such cases the promise for delivery dates are just a best-guess as:

  • Instructions and drawings are on paper and revisions needs to be controlled
  • planners do not have the real-time information during the planning
  • instructions, drawings and materials are arranged while machine and man are idle
  • communicating changes is difficult and lead to machine and man being idle which leads to a less flexible manufacturing environment and delays in delivery
  • losses are not only in time and/or resources but also unaccounted on real reasons
  • reporting for the shift is invariably delayed or confounded by next shift
  • the data in ERP or MES is historical and post facto the real shop floor work

Paperless Factory (Smart Factory or Intelligent Manufacturing) is now built around needs for strong customization of products under the conditions of high flexible production. The basic principle of new age manufacturing is that by connecting machines (that too, a whole wide range of them), work places and systems, we are creating intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other autonomously. Paperless Factory is the Internet of Things in the manufacturing domain. Paperless Factory practices conceptualised about a decade ago is becoming a reality now and with technology following Moore’s law of inter-dependent progression Smart Factory or Intelligent Manufacturing Environment is stepping in the fast lane for the next decade.


With IcSoft Paperless Factory you can…

  • Display list of orders despatched to each machine covered by the touch-screen terminal
  • Prioritise or reorganise work orders so that each worker knows when to start each order and how long it to process it
  • Display instructions, machine settings, lists of materials, drawings, inspection details and videos for each worker on the touch-screen terminal required to complete an order
  • Record real-time machine run or stoppages with reasons
  • Record real-time inspection details and generate online SPC charts
  • Record real-time scrap, rejections,
  • Real-time machine condition monitoring and recording problems, disruptions etc.
  • Update Shop Floor order status, WIP status, QA results etc. to the ERP in real-time


ROI from Paperless Factory

A paperless shop-floor is a proven IoT (M) investment with a clear and rapid ROI. InTouch believes that the annual savings of moving from a paper-driven shop-floor to Paperless is in the range of 1% to 2% of the entire cost of running the facility. The ROI is typically less than one year and contributes year on year to top and bottom lines to over 3-10times the initial investment outlay.


Paperless Factory

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