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has successfully established its ability and flexibility to extend and interact with other established solutions in its principle IoT (M) domain.

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When a customer buys ‘IcSoft – Beyond ERP’ software, implementation of the software and training the users form a part of the package.
InTouch systems provides a complete solution for barcode / RFID based shop floor production tracking and, finished goods packing and barcode labelling using IcSoft
A smart manufacturing is an informed manufacturing organization which contains four elements: informed products, processes, people and infrastructure

Our Company

InTouch Systems was set up in 1999 by the Singh family, first-generation techno-industrialists. InTouch is an IT company rooted in Internet of Things (Manufacturing) domain with a suite of products.

InTouch is a product driven Indian IT Company in IoT (M) domain that offer solutions catering to ERP, MES

Based on the process document created under the Product Engineering, available machine capacity, WIP, materials and work orders released, the planning engine of IcSoft generates daily load for every machine groups and identifies the bottle-neck.

The visibility of various bottlenecks can then be exploited for better attainment of delivery schedule and customer satisfaction.

A paperless shop-floor is a proven IoT (M) investment with a clear and rapid ROI. InTouch believes that the annual savings of moving from a paper-driven shop-floor to Paperless is in the range of 1% to 2% of the entire cost of running the facility.

The ROI is typically less than one year and contributes year on year to top and bottom lines to over 3-10times the initial investment outlay.

Over the past decade and having evolved through the churns and cycles of the IT industry, InTouch has retained its singular focus on IT infrastructure for manufacturing. This is the todays’ Internet of Things.

What we do?

As the following activities depend on product engineering, it should be the core of any non-service based ERP.

The major requirement of an aerospace supplier is traceability.
As jewelry manufacturing uses expensive input material,
As an automotive / component manufacturer, the quick response
As a machinery or equipment manufacturer, there are unique
An advanced planning tool that can dynamically allocate material based
Steel & allied products
An integrated steel plant is highly complex as it consists of a mixed
Quick response to the ever changing customer schedule along with
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