Some of the vital requirements for a manufacturing industry in measurement of performance are…

  • Ease of availability of accurate estimate of cost for quotation based on the bill of material and processes
  • Cost of production as well as detailed analysis of changes to estimated contributions due to price fluctuations at the click of a button.
  • On time delivery performance
  • Coordination of technical specifications, drawings and quality parameters between customer, engineering, production, subcontractors and suppliers – if this feature is not available, it could lead to delays and higher rejection eventually leading to higher cost of production and lower customer satisfaction.

Product engineering feature in an ERP is a tool to specify all aspects of a material / product consisting of specification, drawings, manufacturing process and parameters, quality plan and parameters along with the bill of materials. Good Product Engineering feature in an ERP Software can be used for…

  • Product configuration & Cost estimation
  • Coordination of technical specifications, drawings and quality parameters
  • Manufacturing & Quality plan/ APQP
  • Sample approval checklist / PPAP
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Planning & process bottleneck identification
  • Production Control

An ERP without the product engineering capability will certainly not be able to address the above problems, especially in a manufacturing environment.