Industry 4.0 and IoT Manufacturing also know as Smart Manufacturing, is complicated and highly integrated and requires a proper road map as…

  • Most manufacturing facilities have invested in machines over an extended period of time with various degrees of automation
  • Methods and nature of data acquisition from these machines will differ based on the level of automation, nature of production and hardware used
  • It can’t be achieved in one go and has to be done in various stages
  • If not properly planned investment made in the initial stages could become a waste as the company moves ahead to the next stage

The steps involved are…

  1. Identify the current machines and there level of automation
  2. List various information required to be captured from the machines including …
    • Process parameters
    • Machine condition monitoring parameters
    • Production related data
    • Consumption related data
    • Traceability related data
    • Quality and inspection related data
    • Maintenance checklist and breakdown related data
  3. Identify the possible data acquisition methods
  4. Cost of data acquisition
  5. Cost of data integration and interlinking (MES and ERP interface)
  6. Road map based on the cost and ROI

InTouch system has implemented real-time data acquisition in…

  • Rubber industry
  • Component Manufacturing,
  • Assembly
  • Packing industry

The data acquisition systems were designed using Beckhoff, Siemens, Advantech, and IEI hardware.

The data acquisition solutions were deployed using IcSoft – Paperless Factory (MES with built-in real time data acquisition capabilities) and were integrated with IcSoft – ERP and other leading ERP solutions.

Case Study

  • Antpac AB, Sweden
  • Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt Ltd, India
  • ACG Pampac, India
  • Oriental Rubber, India

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